Tour dates and other activities


27-05-2016 I Am Not Ashamed of My Communist Past 


Bitef theatre, Belgrade (RS)


28-05-2016 I Am Not Ashamed of My Communist Past 

Bitef theatre, Belgrade (RS)


30-05-2016 I Am Not Ashamed of My Communist Past 

Bitef theatre, Belgrade (RS)


31-05-2016 I Am Not Ashamed of My Communist Past 

Bitef theatre, Belgrade (RS)


22-08-2016 I Am Not Ashamed of My Communist Past 

Zürcher Theater Spektakel (CH)


23-08-2016 I Am Not Ashamed of My Communist Past 

Zürcher Theater Spektakel (CH) 


07- 10-2016 I Am Not Ashamed of My Communist Past 

Beursschouwburg, Brussels, (BE) 


08- 10-2016 I Am Not Ashamed of My Communist Past 

Beursschouwburg, Brussels, (BE) 

12- 10-2016 I Am Not Ashamed of My Communist Past 

CC Hasselt, Hasselt (BE)


13- 10-2016 I Am Not Ashamed of My Communist Past 

KC NONA, Mechelen, (BE)


November 2016 I Am Not Ashamed of My Communist Past 

BITEF theatre, Belgrade (RS) – d.t.c

Narodno pozoriste Tosa Jovanovic, Zrenjanin (RS) – d.t.c


02-02-2017 I Am Not Ashamed of My Communist Past 

Festival Reims Scenes d’Europe, Reims (FR)

03-02-2017 I Am Not Ashamed of My Communist Past 

Festival Reims Scenes d’Europe, Reims (FR) 


07/10-02- 2017  SPEAK! 

La rose des vents, Villeneuve d’Ascq (FR)



Sanja Mitrović is selected for Urban Heat program

Sanja Mitrović is one of the selected artists for the Urban Heat program, a four year project developed by the Festivals in Transition (FIT) network of 13 international festival partners, supported by Creative Europe.It enables artists to engage with the invisible communities within cities and supports the artists to develop and create daring and extraordinary work that connects with the world outside the arts by addressing urgent political and social issues, and by working with audiences and communities affected by those issues.

The project will be realized in different countries across Europe and the Middle East. First stop: Munich, Opening Academy @ Spielart Festival, from 28 October to 2 November 2015!

FIT members and associated partnersČ SAAL Bienaal (Tallinn), Baltic Circle International Theatre Festival (Helsinki), LIFT (London), SPRING Performing Arts Festival (Utrecht), Local – International Theatre Festival Reykjavik (Reykjavik), International Festival of Contemporary Theatre Homo Novus ((Riga), SPIELART Festival (Munich), Centrale Fies – Drodesera (Dro), Bunker – Festival Drugajanje (Maribor), Alkantara Festival (Lisbon), Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival (Cairo), Reykjavik Dance Festival (Reykjavik)



Audition for SPEAK!


Sanja Mitrovic/SUTP is looking for a PROFESSIONAL MALE PERFORMER for a new production “SPEAK!” which premiered at Kunstenfestivaldesarts (Brussels, 2013). Auditions take place mid-August and rehearsals are scheduled for September (more info at the end of summer).

The production will tour from October and throughout 2014. For tour dates check Calendar and Playlist sections.

Send a CV with a motivation letter to Fluency in English necessary, previous experience with text-based performance desirable.


Speak!-7 fanny rezig small

Crash Course Chit Chat in Strasbourg!


Will You Ever Be Happy Again? was presented at the Premieres Festival in Strasbourg in 2009 and went on to tour the world. We are happy to come back to Strasbourg with Crash Course Chit Chat on 4th and 5th of June @ La Maillon!

Upcoming dates: 


19-09-2013 Verkadefabriek Den Bosch (NL)

26-09-2013 Cultuurcentrum Hasselt Hasselt (BE)

01-10-2013Theater Bellevue Amsterdam (NL)

02-10-2013Theater Bellevue Amsterdam (NL)



SPEAK! premiere at Kunstenfestivaldesarts

The premiere of the new production SPEAK! with Sanja Mitrovic and Geert Vaes will take place on Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Brussels on 9th of May 2013 (BE).

SPEAK! is a performance about the power and virtuosity of public speaking and its potential to shape society. Working with a wealth of historical material, two performers try to win the audience approval. In the end, is there a winner? And if so, who will that be?

In SPEAK!, Sanja Mitrović continues her exploration of various systems of communication. In a set-up that is evocative of a political campaign or an election the audience is expected to vote for its ‘representative’. In their attempts to win over hearts and minds of the viewers, the performers draw from an arsenal of historical speeches. They put to test the recruiting force of these speeches and the affective potential of images they propose. Would the performers be able to stage an image that we can all imagine together? Are we willing to participate in the temporary collectivity that the performance creates?

Together with Belgian performer Geert Vaes, Mitrović explores the capacity of language, and its public performance, to mobilise a society and to create an image of the world that we can share and participate in. Marked by subtle humor, driven by playfulness and shot through with painful moments, SPEAK! is a performance that takes us on an emotional journey through images from our collective history and our possible futures.


Concept/choreography/direction: Sanja Mitrović

Performance: Geert Vaes, Sanja Mitrović

Dramaturgy: Jonas Rutgeerts


Stage and light design: Laurent Liefooghe & Christophe Antipas (LLAC architects)

Sound design: Luka Ivanović

Costume design: Frédérick Denis

Reseach: Friso Wiersum

Different languages, with subtitles in Dutch and French

Duration: +/- 90 min

Production: Stand Up Tall Productions, Amsterdam
Co-production: Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Brussels
Supported by: Beursschouwburg (BE), Pianofabriek (BE), SPRING Performing Arts Festival (NL), STUK Kunstencentrum (BE)

Financially supported by: Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (NL)

Performing Arts Fund (NL)


World premiere: 9 > 10 > 11 > 12/05/2013 – 20:30

@ Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Les Brigittines (BE)

NL Premiere: 16 > 17/05/2013  @ SPRING Festival, Utrecht (NL)

Performance dates:

17/10/2013 – STUK, Leuven (BE)

Spring 2014 (dates TBC)  – Beursschouwburg, Brussels (BE)

28/2 and 01/3 2013  – Toneelschuur, Haarlem (NL)

5 > 6/3/2014 – Bellevue, Amsterdam (NL)

12/3/2014 – Gruitpoort, Doetinchem (NL)

13/3/2014 – Theatre aan de Spui, Den Haag (NL)

15/3/2014 – Corrosia Almere (NL)

26/3/2014 – Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Rotterdam (NL)


Photo credits: Kurt Deruyter